Thursday, May 21, 2009

Little baby pig dog

As you squirm in my grasp, wriggle across my chest, nuzzle into my armpit, I remember why I came here. I came here to help, and when I hold you I feel like I can. You need me to feed you and change your blankets. You need me to hold you and keep you warm. You need me to be your eyes until they open. And I will do it gladly.

Aka found little baby pig dog in a hollowed palm tree outside our house. He was curled up in the dirt by himself, the only puppy of our neighbour’s dog, just one week old. His mother came looking for him but wasn’t sure what to do with him. We put him in our bathtub. Now ‘Vuaka’ little baby pig dog is our foster child. He lives in a laundry basket filled with old towels and blankets. We feed him baby formula from a bottle. I love him.

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