Thursday, May 21, 2009

Add one scoop of formula to 60ml of luke warm water. Stir until dissolved.

A pile of puppies sleeping in the corner, a layer of newspaper on the floor. Tins of formula on the table and puddles of wee on the tiles. Welcome to my office. Step over the board on your way in, it’s a piece of my build-it-yourself table but we couldn’t figure out where it fit. Now it keeps the puppies in. 13 of them.

Watch your head there, we’ve tied the computer cables up high so they can’t be chewed. Mind you don’t slip on that... We’re not quite sure why they have diahorrea, or why it smells bloody. They might be dairy intolerant so we’re trying soy formula instead. I’ll just grab some toilet roll to pick that up. Sigh. Looks like we’ll need to mop again.

This white one here is our baby Vuaka. Needs another bath.That little black one is the abandoned half-Rottweiler we’re fostering and in the bathroom over there are eight pups that were surrendered to the shelter in a pink laundry basket last week. Oh and just for this afternoon we have three heelers. Two blue, one red. They bite. Don’t worry about that noise, they’ll get tired of crying eventually. They’ll stop scratching at the door and curl up on one another to sleep. On my feet. Hush. Yes, I know, but I already fed you. Look how fat your belly is.

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  1. Thea! Yes, dogs are very lactose intolerant! Soy formula will definitely be a lot better. xo