Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tuesday on the campaign trail

7am - Write radio briefing notes for our Miss Hibiscus contestant (Lucia)
8am - Attend Radio Fiji interview with Lucia and other contestants
9am - Meeting with co-sponsor South Pacific Productions (SPP), UNIFEM volunteers and Lucia
10am - Accompany Lucia to her Fiji Times interview and photo shoot. Collect sponsorship contract
11am - Visit Hibiscus Committee headquarters to select a more flattering profile picture of Lucia
12pm - Return to animal shelter to stamp contract (Fiji may just be the only country that still requires a company stamp on official documents!)
1pm - Try to drop off contract at HC headquarters but HC staff are out to lunch, office is closed
1.30pm - Arrange meeting to discuss sponsorship, call Lucia to ask her to spend some time with SPP this afternoon
2pm - Return to shelter, Dr Deb shows me a box of flea-coated puppies that have to die because we have no free kennels to house them. Extend insurance to cover our Miss Hibiscus contestant and volunteers throughout the festival.
2.30pm - Call Learning Centre to confirm details of Teddy Bear’s Picnic fundraiser. Call Village 6 cinema to organise fundraiser film screening
3pm - Respond to email from Fiji Times journalist asking for our response to town council poisoning campaigns and why our ‘charges are so high’.
3.30pm - Call from Cheli about a mangey white dog she has managed to capture at her workplace the psychiatric hospital. Try to organise for our ambulance to collect the dog. Ambulance gone on another house call.
4pm - Final tweaking of designs for Hibiscus promotional materials e.g. t-shirts, banners, stickers, bookmarks
4.30pm - Leave office to return to HC and try to deliver signed contract
5pm - Meet with board members and UNIFEM volunteers, discuss sponsorship and fundraising opportunities
6pm - Attend mock public judging of Miss Hibiscus contestants. Cheer for Lucia and take note of all the questions asked of contestants so she can practise her answers later