Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is the house that Lars built

Imthurn (a street name – we refer to housemates collectively by the name of the street in which they live) wanted to eat their chickens because they weren’t laying. They gave the chooks till the end of the feed bag to produce some eggs or they would get the chop.

Deb, being a vet, and me, having no idea whatsoever about keeping chickens but being very excited by the prospect, decided we would have better luck with these hens. We would make these chooks lay eggs! So we started to build a chook pen. Lars helped us, lured by the promise of fresh eggs (and we agreed to name the pen after him – we’ll even make a sign).

The house that Lars built is a 3 x 2 x 1.5m castle made of some old cross-wire pieces we found in our garage attic, once used as bars for the house windows. Irava at the shelter gave us a roll of chicken wire she had lying in her yard – ‘you need chicken wire or the mongoose will get in.’ Now we just need a roof and some straw and we’ll be 'set' (the Fijian word for 'cool').

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  1. T I have chickens now, they are named Giselle, Gretchen and Heidi, they are more afraid of foxes than mongoose.

    You can't make chickens lay if they are scared, or too hot or too cold but you can hypnotise them cudling them and stroking them gently from head to tail.

    Good luck with your chooky bubs, they really have a lot of personality ox