Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Joseph and his shiny, shiny pants

Joseph and his shiny, shiny pants. That’s what made me want to write. Deb, John and I were sitting in the SPCA van waiting for Joseph to give us directions to Artika’s wedding. The van with the broken door. So we had to climb over the front seat to get to the back, which is difficult in a skirt – and even the men wear ‘skirts’ here (sulus). After half an hour on the side of the road, Joseph came back for us. His pants shone silver in the moonlight. He had gone to fetch some of the other SPCA staff and then our van could follow his the rest of the way. A small SPCA convoy through the dark streets of Suva. Empty except for a few dalo sellers who sleep on the roadside with their wares.

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